Job Description:


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible to the Technical Director for ensuring aircraft parts and materials are obtained from approved sources, ensuring that certification documentation requirements are met, ensuring that correct traceability is obtained for LLP, used or repaired parts, ensure either Conformity statements or certification results have been obtained for hardware or raw materials, ensure consumables are managed to ensure traceability of manufacturer batch or lot control as well as ensure efficient material management, supervision of all stores and material functions to ensure compliance with VTA and CAAV requirements and effective management of stock to support VTA operations. The Supply Chain Manager/Deputy Manager must ensure that the policies and procedures in the procurement, receipt of parts, storage of parts quarantine of parts, SMS, Quality or reporting systems or any other changes to the policies or procedures must be approved by the VTA AOC through the Change Management Process as well as any other required approvals.


  • Manage and control purchasing, inventory control, goods receiving and store sections.
  • Creating short and long-term budget plans related to material requirements for the VTA Fleet.
  • Control payment activities of technical materials costs for VTA fleet.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the approved vendor and supplier list for VTA.
  • Supervising and coordinating the implementation of systems, procedures and parties for improving the accuracy of materials usage forecasts to meet long-term and short-term maintenance plans at minimum inventory costs.
  • Investigating and recommending pooling, loans and component exchange arrangements with other Airlines and agencies.
  • Supervising and implementing warranty claims under the agreed terms between the supplier and the company.
  • Directing the issue of inquiries and purchase orders to approved suppliers for aircraft equipment parts and materials to specifications and quantities as described by the usage rates and re-order levels within the Technical Department.
  • Progressing delivery of materials and parts outstanding on purchase/repair orders to ensure delivery in adequate time to meet aircraft maintenance and user needs.
  • Providing information and advice on inabilities and materials shortages which can interface with current and long-term plans.

Job Requirements:

  • Education: University Degree in Supply Chain/Trade/Material or related field. MBA is a plus. Fluent in English.
  • At least 05 years in aviation, 05 years in supply
  • Strong desire to deliver results and impact.
  • Able to work under high pressure.
  • Proactive and cooperative attitude.
  • Knowledge and understanding of aviation regulations and experience managing aviation technical audit programs.
  • Experience in people management (resources management, industrial relations and performance management).
  • Master MS office.

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