1. Monitor, manage Admin - Planning team (Administration, Crew Care, Licensing, Welfare, Crew Manpower, Pre-Assignment, Crew Pairing, Crew Rostering, Crew Maintenance and HOTAC) performance with high standard and support if required.
  2. Working with Planning team handling and coordinate with other department (OCC, GO, MCC, SCC, CCD, FCD, etc) to optimize pairing & rostering. Eliminate all vilolations to make sure all crews are legal under VAR, OM.
  3. Explain and feedback for all crews understand a bout the laws also the schedulers.
  4. Make strategic decisions and guidance to pairings and rostering process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with Rostering SOP.
  5. Assess and review overall process of Rostering and make adjustments to procedures, policies to enhance work productivity and efficiency
  6. Report to higher managers and suggest solution about the issues relating to crews. Support Manager in strategic decision making, management and act on behalf in his absence.
  7. Conduct the tasks under direction from the manager.


- At least 5 years in Aviation Industry and Rostering. In-depth knowledge of Aviation law.

- Experience in Cost & Benefit, Timesheet for Crew,

- Good communication, time management, negotiation skills.

- Ability to work with others and independently.

- Good leadership skills.

- Excellent command in Microsoft Office Products; Flight Operation Management System (such as AIMS, Sabre, Netline, AVES, etc)


- Dispatcher/ Roster certificate from CAAV;

- Bachelor or above;

- English Language Proficiency: TOEIC 700/ IELTS 6.0/ University of Foreign Education or above

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