a) Minimum qualifications and experience

1) At least 03 years of experience in flight operations/ ground operations/ safety - quality assurance;

2) Proven background and knowledge in flight operations/ ground operations/ safety - quality assurance;

3) ISO Auditor Qualification. Lead Auditor Qualification is a priority;

4) Have knowledge of regulatory requirements and international standard in aviation area (VARs, ICAO, IOSA, etc.)

b) Responsibilities

1) Report directly to OQA Manager;

2) Support OQA Manager to recognize significant changes of VARs between the editions; and also coordinate with related departments to consulate to revise the manuals to meet the requirements;

3) Support CAAV, other regulatory authorities and other parties’ audits/inspections;

4) Take part in the investigations of incidents/accidents relating to operational issues as delegated;

5) Review and give comments to VAG related manuals, SOP for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and satisfying applicable standards;

6) Conduct the document verify and background check of new pilot application;

7) Control list of ground operations and flight operations’ service provider agreements, record CAAV’s acceptance;

8 ) Perform AOC updating process;

9) Follow up and coordinate with training organization to implement the training plan for OQA;

10) Check, verify and issue authorization to operational service providers where applicable (e.g. Anti/De-icing authorization letter);

11) Perform operational audits/inspections as required by VAG’s operational audit/inspections plan;

12) Ensure that adequate records are kept for all works undertaken, for the required time scales, and in suitable conditions; and

13)  Undertake other tasks as directed by OQA Manager/ SQD Director.

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