• Ensure the technical issue is monitored and works with contracted AMOs to rectify defects on time in compliance with regulation.
  • To perform scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance and certify the aircraft fleet for Release to Service (Pre-flight/Transit check, Daily/Terminal check, Weekly check, Troubleshooting etc...)


  • Responsible to the Maintenance Manager for the satisfactory and timely performance of all contracted AMOs.
  • Ensures that all work by contracted AMOs performed and certified for is done in accordance with approved and appropriate data.
  • Responsibility for releasing the aircraft to service under the regulation of CAAV as well as making sure that the aircraft and its equipment are in serviceable conditions.
  • All the maintenance and inspection tasks are in their own scope of work endorsed on the authorization.
  • Shall release aircraft or aircraft components to service in accordance with related requirements.
  • Provides supervision, guidance and training to others when required.
  • Ensures that Delay Reports and MOR Reports are submitted immediately after the occurrence.
  • Ensures that Technical Logs entries are correctly and fully completed.
  • Liaise with VTA MCC and AMO MCC for hour by hour maintenance requirements.
  • Has responsibility for personal safety, security and health & well-being.
  • Ensure all personnel fully and openly cooperate in safety/ security investigation without prejudice.
  • Performing any other duties assigned by the Maintenance Manager: Duty travel, …
  • Take charge for technical offices in SGN, HAN or HUI including security and safety issues (if any).


  • College, University Degree in Engineering/Aviation or related are.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Must have at least 5-10 years’ experience in certifying for Cat B, 02 years’ experience for Cat A.
  • Good computer skills for preparing reports etc.
  • Experience in implementing change.
  • Must hold either a B1 or B2, A CAAV license or company authorization on at A320F.
  • Able to work under high pressure
  • Self-disciplined – able to work effectively independently
  • Proactive and cooperative attitude
  • Assertive but fair disciplinarian
  • Leads by example
  • Endorses a ‘just’ culture in the organization and has understanding of error management
  • Strong detail focus on procedures.
  • Good health, endurance and attention to detail.
  • No criminal record.

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