1. Support & Consultant to Line Managers about daily manpower & reporting;
  2. Track crew‘s duty.
  3. Feedback, resolve crew compliance issues and requirements based on appropriate regulatory requirements and ensures all crew member assignments are in accordance with regulations and company policies.
  4. Resolving issues related to POS/DEH ticket duty, Hotel & Transport for crews in order to ensure the smooth flight-operation, with duty ticket and accommodation reservations accordance with company procedure in a timely manner;
  5. Others: Ad-hoc request from Roster Manager & Team Leader.


- At least 2 years in Aviation Industry and Rostering. In-depth knowledge of Flight Operation System, Aviation law.

- Good communication, time management, negotiation skills.

- Ability to work with others and independently.

- Good leadership skills.

- Working in Shift. 

- Excellent command in Microsoft Office Products; Flight Operation Management System (such as AIMS, Sabre, Netline, AVES, etc).


- Bachelor Graduated or above;

- Prefer Dispatcher/ Roster certificate from CAAV.

- English Language Proficiency. TOEIC 600 or above (IELTS/TOEFL certificates are acceptable). 

- In-depth knowledge of Crew Schedule & Crew Tracking.

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