Chuyên viên An toàn và Đảm bảo chất lượng/ Safety and Quality Assurance Executive:


1) To implement management of the FDAP and ensure that the flight data is analyzed and statistized fully;

2) To implement all tasks of Analyst in accordance with FDAP document;

3) To handle matters from the Airfase system with Airbus/Navblue company and related departments of Vietravel Airlines;

4) To participate in the SMS, FRMS (when CAAV approved), archive records and make statistic of SMS, FRMS trainning.

5) To participate in the implementation of management of changes

6) To implement all tasks of the Safety Reporting System from receiving, initial analysis of safety occurrence/issue, MOR reports, regular reports to CAAV and others CAAs.

7) To prepare occurrence analysis report and investigation report to do de-briefing to individual/department involved.

8) To implement classify and archive safety records;

9) To implement tasks of Emergency Response Plan

10) To monitor the Safety Performance Indicators of the Company;

11) Other assignments from the direct Manager


1) Education: University degree for priority in aeronautical or language majors

2) Job related experience: At least 02 years working in aviation area

3) Specific knowledge: Have knowledge of aviation law, regulations of Vietnam aviation safety;
Have general knowledge of civil aviation industry and airlines operations.

4) Business understanding: Have knowledge of Safety Management System - SMS;
Priority for person have knowledge of FRMS, ERP, Flight Data Analysis and Human Factor certification.

5) Other requirements: Good in English (IELTS at leadt 5.5 or TOEIC at least 600);
Good in MS Office application;
Reporting & Presentation skill;

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